Strange Cameras You Don't See Everyday

Who knew they actually made a 160-megapixel camera? Find that and more in this strange list. Which ones are your favorites?

Zippo-Style Camera Lighter

At first glance, this may look like your typical Zippo lighter, but a 640 x 480 VGA camera is revealed when you flip the lid. Other perks include 64MB of built-in memory, USB connectivity, and a photo timer + continuous shooting functions.

Seitz 160-Megapixel Camera

That's right, this camera by Seitz "shoots at 160 megapixels to create a native 6 x 17-cm image." Plus, it boasts a shutter speed of 1/20,000th, 300MB/second read-out, and a ISO 500-10,000 range. One drawback, the mobile version (pictured) costs a whopping $32,266, while the studio version is priced at $33,715.

Lego Pinhole Camera

This person took a Polaroid 95a, stripped it down, and than reassembled the camera with all Lego parts. Like a real mechanical 35mm camera, it includes a manual crank which takes 23 clicks to advance one frame.

Two-in-One Film/Digital Camera

Here's a first: "a 35mm motorized compact camera with auto-rewind/power-rewind combined with a digital cam that takes 26 pictures at high resolution and 99 at low." One drawback, it's only avaliable on eBay.